Leather shoes


 Often when buying shoes, there are doubts whether it is made of real leather. Sellers, who need to realize their products by all means, insist on the natural origin of this material. But is it always necessary to rely on someone else's words?
Do not let yourself be deceived
It is better to know for yourself how to distinguish real skin from a substitute.
The following tips will help you to protect yourself from deception. So, what is characteristic of real leather?

The concept and function of trade


 Trade - this is a special activity of people associated with the implementation of acts of sale and purchase and represents a set of specific technological and business operations aimed at servicing the exchange process.
 The social division of labor and the allocation of commercial capital from the total industrial capital allocated trade to a separate independent branch of economy and economy.
Trade accounts for about 20% of GDP growth. By the Rating of Organized Trade in 2006, our country lost only to India, and the index of "attractiveness of the market" of Russia was the best in the top five of the rating.

Manufactured goods market "The Seventh Kilometer"


 The manufactured goods market starts counting its history from December 19, 1989. It was then that the first co-operators from the "Starokonny" market of Odessa were expelled from the city, on the 7th kilometer, where the corn fields were located. At first, Odessa citizens (most of them, part-time state employees) traded from newspapers and clamshells. The news of the new market was quickly shattered by "word of mouth" mail. On the "Seventh kilometer" for the scarce goods rushed the townspeople.

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