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A woman's bag is a mirror of her mistress. Mood, style, position in society - all this can be seen in a handbag. This necessary thing has long been not just a carrier of women's accessories, but also an important addition to the ladies' image. It is the bag that helps to create your own style and stand out from the crowd. A stylish model will be a perfect addition to your image

Dimensions (in cm. )
Depth 11
Height 19
Width 26
Ecoleather If you are a lover of genuine leather handbags, but want to try what is eco-leather, feel free to buy David Jones bags. Trying ekoKozhu of the highest quality, you will forget about the natural skin for a long time. At first glance, quality eco-bags are very difficult to distinguish from leather ones, but they will be worn much longer. You can safely take this bag with you in the heat of +35, and in the frost -40, and certainly not be afraid that your bag will get wet under heavy rain and deteriorate.

David Jones Collection Bags

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